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Conduct your exams with these three steps


Step 1

Teachers use our question paper making tool to make subjective or objective questions and schedules the exam which sends a link and notification to the students


Step 2

At the scheduled time the exam will be active and the students can join in and write their exam. Once they start, they are not allowed to switch tabs and the time is taken per question and their every action is recorded.


Step 3

Either the time runs out or the student clicks completed to finish the exam and then all the papers are ready for grading by the teachers. Once grading is complete the teachers can choose to send out notifications about scores to the students.

Preventive measures against Cheating

  • Monitor student actions on exams and get alerts on suspicious activities
  • Records how long the student went away from the exam screen
  • With time, we would make use of these student action patterns to train an AI based model to predict possible cheating.
  • Unlike Google forms, secure your exams by locking it down to a particular group
  • Easily add images to the exam using our custom moblie app

What does Exam Portal have to offer?

Take a look at our features from the perspective of each type of user


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The Student View

  • Can attend assigned exams
  • Can see all the upcoming exams
  • Can see all their scores in one place
  • Confined to the exam tab during the exam

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The Teacher View

  • Can create exams using our online tool and schedule them
  • Can easily grade the exams after completion
  • Can save time by auto grading MCQ questions
  • See stats on class scores and averages

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The School View

  • Can add and manage teachers
  • Can see school wide statistics on exam scores
  • Can review and make changes to any question paper before the exam.

Why should you choose exam portal?

  • Conduct the exam in a manner most compatible to our Indian standards.
  • Free training in english & 3 regional languages
  • A one exam trial to test out our platform
  • Unlimited exams
  • Unlimited student & staff accounts
  • Stats on exams
  • Simple to use design
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